Regardless of the creative application, from content to completion, we handle all aspects of commercial design. Corporate identity, Website development, as well as e-commerce support,
Gary Cole Design provides innovative and practical solutions that help your company sell your products and services!

Effective design is about researching and calculating before execution to assure that the final product not only captures the potential buyers attention, but produces positive results.

We work closely with you to measure decisions and to consider what it means for your image, your budget, your customers, and your industry.

As part of our partnership, we work with you to enhance our process to arrive at the best possible solution. We agree that you understand your business and, we will collaborate with you throughout the project to share your experience with your target audience. We always listen to your input,
share alternate methods and change direction as needed.

Our Methodology
A successful design hinges on more than merely aesthetics. Careful analysis of consumer wants and needs coupled with strategic execution is critical to the delivery of a successful product. We merge targeted marketing goals with strategies that produce results through fine design.

We have three major phases within our methodology. These are the cornerstone of our success.

Collaborate A Partnership is Formed
Here is where we begin, we form our partnership. Client interaction is essential to meet your objectives and keep the project moving in the right direction. We are always ready to help guide
you through the process with clarity and ease.

During this phase, our team spends time understanding you and your business. We need to determine your organizational goals, your message and expectations for this project.
Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your place in the market and your business needs, we will make strategic and tactical recommendations of how to best achieve your goals. As part of your marketing team, we will share alternate methods involving decisions that will impact your overall marketing plan.

Create From Collaboration to Inspiration
The information collected during collaboration phase provides us with the roadmap for the creative phase. This is where the fun begins! We symbolize an abstract into an identity and construct hybrid ideas. Our design team turns collaboration into inspiration and provides you with concepts for review.
Communicate Visual Impact Powerful Message Positive Results
In this final phase your project moves from final concepts to completed project. We deliver effective advertising that will increase your visual presence and produce positive results. We will also suggest alternate uses for these same visuals and messaging to extend your marketing budget.

In addition, our team will review and measure the responses from your marketing efforts. We then evaluate and fine-tune the results to strengthen your position and increase brand recognition.

Have a Project in Mind?
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Some of the Creative Design Services We Offer Are:
Pocket Folders and Inserts
Corporate Identity
Direct Mail
Tradeshow Banners
Tradeshow Material
Package Design
Point of Purchase Displays
Custom Website Design
Ad Specialties
Digitized Embroidery Designs
Promotional Apparel and
From Digital to Multi-press

We handle all of your collateral from concept to print. Whether printing 250, 2,500 or 25,000,
our printing services are fast
and reasonable. Partnerships with digital printers for small
runs and multi-press printers
for large runs enable us to offer you the best price, value and exceptional craftsmanship.

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